Warner’s Odd Fellow building is sold – almost

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Warner’s Odd Fellow building is sold – almost

Ray Carbone (11)
Warner takes innovative approach to saving historic Odd Fellows building

At a meeting in the town hall Thursday night, the Board of Selectmen moved a step closer to selling the 125-year-old Odd Fellows building to a local contractor who wants to use it for business purposes.
The three-member board unanimously approved the sale of the historic 72’-by-42’ three-story wooden structure to resident Nate Burrington, the owner of Burrington Builders and Maintenance, “provided both sides can come to a mutually acceptable purchase-and-sales agreement.”
The board took the unusual move of approving an action with a significant contingency attached to avoid holding additional public hearings in the coming weeks. As John Dabuliewicz, a selectman, explained to the small group of people attending the meeting, state law requires an agreement be in place within 14 days of the last public hearing, which would be this Wednesday, March 15.

“You probably have it on you now.”

– Selectman Allan N. Brown, jokingly, referring to the price Nate Burrington will pay  the town for the historic Odd Fellows  building if the two sides reach an agreement.


“We didn’t want to do that,” the selectman said, because it’s the same night as the annual town meeting.
The action means that the board can continue negotiating with Burrington and move forward with the sale when both sides agree to all facets of a deal.
But it also means that details about the plan, including the price Burrington will pay and any special stipulations attached to the sale, is not yet been made public.
The selectmen said that their ongoing negotiations with Burrington in recent weeks have been going extremely well. “We’re not there yet, but we’re close,” Dabuliewicz said.
“He’s anxious to get this done,” added Allen N. Brown, another selectman, referring to the local contractor.
Resident Martha Michal asked if the board is considering any tax abatements as an incentive to Burrington taking over the building, or a revisionary clause that would allow the town to regain ownership if the contractor is unable to meet certain renovation benchmarks.
“There is a revisionary clause” in the tentative agreement, Dabuliewicz said, which can be used as “leverage” to make sure the building is not left to deteriorate further, but no tax abatement has been mentioned.

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Faith Minton

An Interview With Faith Minton

You probably know Faith Minton as your Yoga Instructor with the perpetual smile and warm heart, or perhaps fellow Town volunteer for any and all Warner groups and events. Among these and many other things, Faith is a gifted artist. She kindly agreed to answer some questions about her work. Please enjoy this interview with Warner’s Faith Minton.


How long have you been a painter? Is this a new or renewed passion?

I grew up drawing and painting. Throughout my elementary, high school and college years taking as many art courses that I could fit into my schedule. I was working quite a bit in sculpture in high school and college when I could. I took some watercolor classes with area artists in the 1980’s. About 15 years ago I found the Open Studio in Bow and began studying with a Concord artist working in representational work, mostly landscapes in oils. I have taken workshops and courses over the years with different artists. I started mixed media work, acrylic and collage with a Warner area artist Charlie Goodwin.  I took some training with a Massachusetts artist Nell Lush experimenting in oil and cold wax moving towards an abstract approach building texture and layers of wax and paint which is my current work.Cold Wax and Oil 4

It seems like many of your images suggest landscape. Is nature often(or at all) a conscious inspiration for your work?

Living in Warner surrounded by nature I am definitely inspired by plant life and the natural world. It is conscious and unconscious – a part of my daily life. I could not imagine a life without living and being connected to our environment.

Do you have a theme or color pallet in mind when you start a new piece, or do you have a more free-form approach? 

Sometimes I have a pallet in mind but sometimes it is free form.. Generally I do not have a theme with my recent work. But I have some things in mind I would like to explore. I am experimenting with many techniques and sometimes something works.. sometimes I need to try something different.  Painting2

There is a danger for many artists in “overworking” a painting. How do you know when a piece is complete?

There can be a challenge in overworking a piece. I struggle with this which is why I put things away and let them sit and come back to them.. Sometimes I feel something is done and I am satisfied but sometimes I wait and see if it needs a little something later. This art is a process of creating – not product driven if that makes any sense.

Do you find that you have several canvases that you are working on at the same time, or do you like to complete one work, before beginning another?

I always have a few things started .. I like to work that way. Building layers of paint there needs to sometimes be a drying time.. so I do work on several at once. Sometimes 6 paintings or more.Landscape in Oil

What is your favorite Warner story?

In the late 1970’s into the mid 1980’s there was a group called Warner Aerobics. We were a volunteer group, men and women that started exercising at Riverside Park (Bagley and Silver Lake were not created yet) with a record player and a few members that were volunteer instructors . Then the group moved to the Old Grade School and then to the Warner Town Hall. We had free rent at the Town Hall in exchange for cleaning the Town Hall from top to bottom a few times a year. We had regular potluck suppers and dances at the Warner Town Hall. The dances had dj’s, sometimes a band and sometimes contra dances. Warner is a town that if you want something to happen you work together to create it. Great history of volunteers which I think is because of the FFF and the many volunteers that took to make it happen.

Representational Work


If you could use one word or short phrase to describe your work, what would it be?


Sometimes when I am tuned in creating can flow without an understanding exactly how.  Sort of like a conduit of creation. Balance is key for me. Just enough, in all areas of life. I enjoy color and do seem drawn to landscape inspiration.

Where can people view/purchase your work?

I paint because I enjoy creating. I will hopefully have more to show and perhaps sell. I am involved in community groups, volunteer work and still teaching some classes so I paint only a few days a week. I hope to have more work shown and available at MainStreet Gallery.


Cold Wax and Oil     Painting3     Cold Wax and Oil 3     Cold Wax and Oil 2


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