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A Lost Moon

Faded in gray

A blurred form of a beautiful entity

Trying to peek out and show its strength

Its true colors

A brightness that looks down upon us

That guides us and shows us the way

But not tonight

For tonight it is fighting its own battle

Trying to find its path to truth

Embarked on a journey of soul seeking

Yearning for purity

Yearning for peace

Yearning for contentment

Wishing it knew what all this looked like

But putting its blind faith in something out there

Something that will lead it

Bring it on its way

Point it in the right direction

And so its takes off

Forever above us

Even when its journey has taken it out of our view

Its presence remains

Forever in our hearts.



**Inspired by the moon peeking through on a cloudy night**

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Crescent Moon

Elegantly shining

Peaking through a slit in the night sky

Surrounded by darkness

Yet gleaming so brightly

So much strength

So much purity

Radiating down

Pouring into my soul




And leaving




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Each snowflake falls

Changing the landscape it touches

Transforming it into a white blanket

Covering the evil and pain

For a split second 

All is peaceful

All is whole

All is safe

But then the facade fades

The war continues on

Between good and evil

Love and hatred

Pain and peace

We search and we search

For a remedy

But its single place of existence

Is in our soul.

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Nature Changes

A single orange leaf

Delicately hanging from a tree

Filled with green

Standing out in its beauty

But also in its difference

Boldly displaying its color

Fearless of what others think

Confident in its true grace

A message

Delivering a notice to us all

That autumn is on its way

And we will soon be blessed

With elegant changes upon us.

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I sit here with a gaping hole
My soul reaching out of it
Searching for the security and safety of the Divine
 I inhale a breath of fresh air
Cleansing and purifying me from the inside out
I search
And I search
Not quite sure I know what it is I am hoping to find
Only knowing that whatever it is will close this void
And I will finally feel whole

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I Am Love

Lying down with the grass tickling the back of my neck.
Soaking in the bright lights of the stars shining upon me.
Each one a beckoning.
A reminder of who I am;
What I am.
The Universe in all its glory,
In all its beauty,
Reminding me of the power that resides in my soul.
A gentle tug pulling me in the right direction.
Redirecting me when I go astray.
For I have once again wandered down the wrong path.
I have beaten myself until bruised and bleeding.
I have drowned myself in a pool of misery.
Blind to the rest of the world.
Blind to Reality.
Until this moment,
When the starlight flickers,
And the night sky watches over me.
It is now that I realize the essence of my soul.
It is now that I realize,
I am Love. 

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My Peaceful Slumber

Falling asleep with the smell of campfire smoke lingering in my hair.

The wind blowing the sweet smell of lilacs through my open window.

The sound of an owl singing me to sleep;

Crickets and peepers chirping its chorus.

The golden light radiating from the moon.

The swift breeze blowing in;

Lifting my blanket off my feet.

I close my eyes taking in the wonder of it all.

I breath in the beauty.

And I exhale;

Falling into a peaceful slumber.

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A Beckoning of Peace

Each star

A glimpse of beauty

Seeping in from the heavens above

Shining down

Brightening the world

When it is overcome by darkness

A glimmer of hope

A sign of redemption

A beckoning of peace.

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Nature’s Majestic Sanctuary

Photo taken by Jennifer Cahill

Photo taken by Jennifer Cahill

Sun splashing through the tops of the trees

Glistening off of the crystallized white snow

The crow’s beckoning call

Singing “Just for a moment let’s be still”

The words reverberating through my head

And with each step and each word of the song

I let a little more of my fear slip away

Trust your MICROspikes

I tell myself as I venture across the daunting slab of ice

You can do this

And I do

I make it safely across the section and continue on up the trail

As I approach the top I remember why I love this so much

I can see for miles

Pure beauty

And it’s impossible to feel sad

Impossible to feel angry

Impossible to feel anxious

Impossible to feel anything  but peace and love











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